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Reveals how anti-Semitism, racism, and European cultural beliefs of superiority has blind the minds of those who try to interpret the Jewish prophetic books. This amazing book allows one to take a quantum leap, back to where few have ever gone before. That is, back to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith for an accurate depiction of the Book of Revelation. Thus, allowing one to acquire a First Century Jewish apostolic perspective of the End Times.

It also reveals how Jesus Christ will have a triumphant church during the Tribulation period to deliver both Natural and Spiritual Israel from their unbelief, sins, and sectarian rebellious practices.  Apparently, these truths have been hidden from Western scholars and theologians, because unknowingly, they are often times members of Mystery Babylon through their secret societies and apostate Christian religious practices.  Tribulation or Triumph was written for the serious Bible student as-wall-as for the unbelieving skeptic. This prophetic thriller is not fiction it is now becoming historical fact every day as it brings forth the concealed Old Testament typological truths and bring them forward as New a Testament revealed prophetic script.

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