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Pure, Raw & Organic Georgia Wild Flower & Sourwood Honey! Our raw honey has never been heated or filtered, simply taken off the hives and bottled. An array of wild flower pollen makes each batch of our Wild Flower Honey unique and our highly coveted, rare Sourwood Honey is created by our busy bees right here in our backyard in the mountains of Georgia. Enjoy while our supply lasts!

(Buy TWO [2] bottles or MORE at a time and SAVE on shipping! Honey has no expiration date)


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Pure, Raw & Organic Georgia Wild Flower Honey! No additives or pasteurization. 

Our raw honey has never been heated or filtered; just simply taken off the hives and bottled and will eventually crystallize pretty quickly depending on the honey variety. Some raw honey will crystallize in as little as 30 days. Some will take many months or even years to crystallize. We never use any heat at all in the bottling or extraction process for our raw honey and because of that, it retains all of its healing benefits! 

 All of the honey we sell is 100% pure, and nothing is added and no adulteration is done to them. Every year can bring different tastes to varieties; such as, wildflower due to what is blooming. The amount of rain, sun, moisture, and other factors, play a vital role in what plants are growing and provide nectar to the bees.

Wildflower Honey is exactly what it sounds like. Derived from a variety of wildflowers and plants which are blooming during the summer months. Wildflower honey can range anywhere from a very dark to a light hue. Every year it changes with what plants bloom in that region. Rainfall and weather affect what plants are produced as well. If the honey is not single sourced (from one particular flower), it is simply called wildflower honey. We can have various types of wildflower honey in the same year due to different hive locations in our area. This honey is the most commonly known honey and has a wide range of use due to it’s fragrant, but mild taste.

Sourwood Honey is sourced from bees foraging on the nectar of sourwood tree blossoms that grow in the southern mountains of Georgia. The sourwood tree has long, drooping clusters of fragrant white flowers that resemble Lily-of-the-Valley. The density and intensity of the sourwood trees and bloom can feed the bees almost exclusively during peak season, which results in a mostly monofloral which produces honey with a very unique color and taste all to its own. This honey is extra light to amber in color and is extremely aromatic, with a distinctive rich honey flavor.

Whatever honey you order, get creative and enjoy it in your tea, coffee, oatmeal, toast, deserts, home-made soaps, and whatever else your imagination and taste-bud guides you to do! Don’t forget to share it as gifts too! Love to hear back from you with testimonies and recipe ideas!! Make sure to order 2 or more bottles to save on shipping!

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Wildflower, Sourwood


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